• Karen

    General Manager
    Karen has been a Madison resident and local small business owner since 2001. Karen has worked with dozens of small businesses over the years, offering services from both the management and bookkeeping perspectives. She has been married to her husband Chris since 1991; together they have 3 kids: Bridget, Jack, and Callie. Karen loves a day on the beach, a fire in the firepit and a hearty red wine. Favorite foods: big juicy burger, chili, or anything that involves risotto.
  • Derek

    Executive Chef
    Derek is passionate about food, wine, beer & everything to do with the restaurant industry. His interest in food began at a young age while visiting his grandparent’s farm in Ohio. From the fresh green beans & tomatoes to the grapes his grandfather made wine with, our chef was hooked. After attending New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, Derek cooked at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, followed by two years in the Caribbean. Coming back stateside, he worked in high end restaurants in Westport and New Haven for 4 years. In his time off, our chef enjoys kicking back with his wife, and watching a movie with a cold beer (he’s a sucker for an IPA)!